Jennifer Stone Video – Private Pool Party

Last updated: April 3rd, 2017
Hey there guys once more and welcome! Today we have for you a really incredibly hot and intense Jennifer Stone video. Trust us when we say that you will enjoy it very much. This girl is girl is going to rock your world and wow you with each and every one of her moves! So sit back and enjoy the show!

When the camera starts to roll, here you’ll see Jennifer’s friend, over by the pool, getting her ass and her pussy eaten out by this really skilled tongue twister. So there he goes, kissing and sticking his dirty tongue inside her ass and twisting it around, while she’s moaning in pleasure full of passion, lust and desire for more. Meanwhile, by the other side of the pool, you’ll see Jennifer, all turned on and wet, while her guy is licking her delicious pussy, eating it all out. Then you’ll see them both getting on top of these two awesome guys and starting to ride their hard cock, going harder and deeper, back and forth over and over again, getting their hot twats all hammered and stretched out. They go in all different positions, fucking each other brain’s out. Thank you for watching! We hope you all had a wonderful time watching this awesome production, full of eroticism, passion and sensuality. We’re looking forward to having you back next week for more similar material, that we think you all going to enjoy watching! Until then, stay tuned guys! Bye everyone!

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